About Us

Companies have spent over two decades building the equivalent of digital nervous systems for their businesses. These corporate nervous systems are being further extended by the continued growth of the internet. Corporate information systems have been built on both internal and external (cloud) technology using both custom built or purchased software. But after all this investment of capital and time, one of the core purposes of all this technology still alludes many companies which is to allow management to understand their competitive environment, monitor the company’s internal state and identify the critical areas that require focus. Thus giving management the ability to act with clarity and confidence in a rapidly changing world.

Some believe the answer lies in “big data,” others in the “internet of things” with the expanding reach of mobile technology and the list goes on. We at OneGlobe believe that more data by itself does not translate into the clarity that management seeks. It requires the right skills using the right data and the right tools to provide the useful insight management seeks and needs to remain competitive. And, as the amount of digital data increases further, the right people, data and tools becomes more of a corporate imperative to help bring clarity.

OneGlobe was formed with this vision in mind. We are a service and consulting company specializing in the area of better corporate management through the effective use of Oracle tools. We have focused on Oracle because of the years of experience we have with this technology. We also believe that business knowledge, based on the experience that comes from doing, is a key factor in our successful track record. Finally, we provide a range of Oracle related services but our core areas of focus and where we excel are:

  • Oracle SaaS Implementations covering ERP, EPM, Risk Management & HCM Applications
  • Business Analytics covering Hyperion, Big Data & IoT Applications & Technology
  • Oracle PaaS enabled Integration Services
  • Oracle Cloud Managed Services

As we navigate the markets in which we serve, we often find companies, small and large, who tout their excellence in all things. Our goal is to focus on those things we know best and help companies make meaningful changes that will grow their top and bottom lines. If your company is looking for clarity from your information systems, come talk to OneGlobe.