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Business Analytics

Businesses today are processing large amounts of data. Due to the sheer volume and speed at which data is available today, it is becoming overwhelming for many businesses to manage the information effectively with their traditional business intelligence (BI) programs. Our Advanced Analytics offerings that leverage cloud based technology enable organizations to gain richer insights from multiple data sources to reveal hidden patterns and relationships.

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Analytics Expert?

Goush Ayyappan
Practice Director,
Advanced Analytics

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“ Working with OneGlobe’s Analytics team helped us to quickly reveal KPI trends for cash flow, AP aging, and AR aging to uncover the root causes of late payments”

- Finance Director, Global Equities Company

Integration & Application Development

Your company is probably living in a complex world of point SaaS solutions brought in by various functional departments (HR, Finance, etc.) along with existing legacy on premise applications like ERP systems. More than likely the SaaS solutions are continuing to grow in number and you are looking for ways of integrating this stew of applications while hoping to increase the application portfolio’s overall functionality.

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Nagalingam B.jpg
Nag Bathirappan
Practice Director, Cloud Integration Technologies

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“ We were looking for a solution that allowed our employees to use their biometric data as a single access point for information. OneGlobe built our solution leveraging Open Source technology that allowed centralized access to information and strong visualization capabilities ”

- IT Director, APAC based Manufactuing company

Oracle Management Cloud Services

Running an IT department in many ways is no different than running a manufacturing plant. IT needs to quickly identify when there are breakdowns, bottlenecks, quality issues and other things which impact service/production. The key goal is to identify the problem as quickly as possible and restore service. In the best case, try to identify the problem before it impacts service. OneGlobe's IT Systems Management teams change this for you by bringing predictability to your IT operations.

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Gowri Subramaniam
Practice Director,
Cloud Technologies

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“ The OneGlobe team had a professional attitude to work and their dedication to provide the best service has been absolutely outstanding. They have been great assets to us and have helped us deliver successful projects on time. ”

- Senior Manager, IT Operations at Petrofac Corp

Cloud Infrastructure and Security

As organizations move their infrastructure components to the cloud to take advantage of cloud benefits like lower costs, painless upgrades etc. , they are still struggling to effectively manage, maintain and monitor their Cloud Infrastructure. They also need to address their IT Governance and Compliance requirements while providing secure access to their hybrid cloud environments. OneGlobe’s Infrastructure Managed Services helps organizations to effectively manage and secure their cloud infrastructure.

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Gowri Subramaniam
Practice Director,
Cloud Technologies

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"Data is one of our biggest assets and Data Recovery is a key  component of our business continuity strategy. We chose Oracle  Cloud and OneGlobe as our strategic partner to put in place a robust  and reliable Cloud DR setup. We could not have achieved this goal  without a partner like OneGlobe who  brought in all the required skills-cloud advisory, consulting and implementing skills along with their  knowledge of core applications and technology skills. I highly  recommend OneGlobe as a partner to deliver on your Cloud strategy."

- Jitendra Nath, Chief Technology Officer, Varsity Education Management 

Cloud Managed Services

As cloud becomes a primary driver for business transformation, organizations are looking to have an IT partner who can take ownership, and deliver end to-end cloud solutions that allow the IT and Lines of Businesses to focus on the strategic aspects of their organizations. OneGlobe's Cloud Managed Services practice provides a breadth of fixed scope offerings enabling customers to manage their hybrid Cloud environments.

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Amrut Akkone
Practice Director,
Managed Services

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Our implementation association with OneGlobe has been an extremely successful one and their experience has helped us at every stage of the project life cycle. Their implementation approach has been engaging and has helped us to identify and manage the risks associated with a project of this complex nature. For any organization embarking on strategic projects, I would not hesitate to recommend OneGlobe as a key business & IT partner.

- Financial Systems & Integrations Manager, Zain Telecommunications

Oracle SaaS Implementations

Historically, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. SaaS gives companies an alternative to plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. The SaaS model offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes and types. Here’s what’s driving customers to take advantage of SaaS solutions – High Innovation Enablement, Painless Upgrades, Lower Capex Costs, Seamless Integration.

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Prasath Palaniraj
Practice Director, SaaS Implementations

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“Right from the start, we were impressed with OneGlobe’s in-depth product knowledge, expertise across similar global projects, consulting know-how and stakeholder management. The entire project team was extremely professional throughout the project. OneGlobe has exceeded our expectations in all aspects and we are glad to recommend them to any organization looking for a strong IT business partner ."

- Madhukarnath Chaturvedi, CIO - Oasis Investment


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