Oracle EHS Incident Chatbot

EHS (Environment, health, and safety) is a discipline that ensures environmental protection and safety at work. Employees can report incidents at their workplace using Oracle EHS application. EHS Chatbot eliminates the need for the employees to login to the application from a system. Using this chatbot, employees can interact with the chatbot and provide incident information like date, location, level of severity and summary of the incident. This EHS Chatbot uses RPA to automate the creation of incidents in Oracle EHS application using the incident details submitted by the employee in the Bot.




  • EHS Chatbot is developed using Dialogflow

  • Dialogflow uses Machine Learning to understand what users are saying

  • Dialogflow uses years of domain knowledge and natural language understanding to analyse and understand the user's intent to help chatbot respond in the most useful way.


  • EHS Chatbot uses oracle database.

  • Incident details are captured in database

  • Date, location, level of severity and summary of the incident are stored in database


  • UiPath is used as RPA tool to automate incident creation.

  • EHS Bot triggers RPA to automate the incident creation in oracle EHS application when user submits incident information via the EHS Chatbot.


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