Oracle Analytics CloudData Visualization (DVCS)

The better you question your data, the better your insight are! Oracle Analytics Cloud with built-in advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms, automates tasks and assists people in solving real business problems, not having to figure out how to ask the right question to get a decent answer out of the data. Together with Oracle Database Cloud, it dramatically transforms how companies innovate by simplifying processes and reducing inefficiencies.

       OneGlobe offers Oracle Cloud solutions which help companies outsmart the market with smart insights


    • Fixed bid Implementation services that protect your IT investments
    • Rapid Deployment that delivers agreed upon quick wins with a big picture focus
    • Identify issues and opportunities quickly with constant reviews and communication
    • Prepare for future growth with a scalable solution
    • Promote user adoption through usability testing and validating solution with user group
    • Ensure self-sufficiency and future success with thorough knowledge transfer
    • Proven delivery processes with experienced and certified consultants


    • Implementation Project plan
    • Communications plan
    • Reporting plan
    • Functional requirements
    • Technical requirements
    • Solution hardware requirements
    • Detailed cost and resource estimates
    • Project team enablement workshops
    • Project Status Reports
    • Design workshops and Design document
    • Infrastructure architecture
    • Solution prototype
    • Integration testing
    • Usability review and acceptance testing
    • Training and knowledge transfer
    • System and user documentation


  • Automated insights - Start with auto-created visuals, rather than a blank canvas, while embedded natural language generation helps people to understand insights using text or audio.
  • Automated data discovery - Search to find data sources, ask questions against data, with instant recommendations for data preparation, cleansing, standardization.
  • Proactive and personalized insights - Bring back decisions based on context. Voice to query based on natural language processing brings back multiple possible answers ranked based on self-learning.
  • Business Model Layer - Easily build a semantic layer or use existing on-premises models to leverage business definitions in all your analytics


  • Accelerate time to value by providing a comprehensive, intelligent cloud analytics platform that lowers the total cost of ownership
  • Take advantage of automation to build now and innovate for the future
  • Reveal hidden patterns and performance drivers through predictive insights

Oracle Data Visualization offerings in the cloud makes rich, powerful visual analytics accessible to every business user. People at all levels of an organization can blend and analyze enterprise, personal or big data in just a few clicks, effectively sifting through data clutter to quickly uncover and share hidden patterns and actionable insights.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service makes data visualization 100 percent self-service, empowering business users to go from raw data to actionable business insights in just a few minutes. This new service delivers rich visual analysis, rapid discovery of insights and secure collaboration, enabling fact-based decisions at every level of the organization.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service is further differentiated by its compatibility and integration with the full breadth of Oracle’s analytics offerings. Oracle’s consistent technology approach ensures continuity of experience and portability across its entire analytics portfolio—in the cloud and on-premises—making it simpler for customers to adopt the environment of their choice and scale as their needs evolve.

OneGlobe offers comprehensive end-to-end capabilities around data visualization intelligence to help companies understand their information needs and translate them into an actionable roadmap


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