Internet of Things (IOT) Apps

Oracle IoT Applications deliver,

  • A world-class set of IoT application for enterprise assets, production lines, transportation fleets, and mobile workers.
  • Get smart with predictive, machine learning algorithms and quickly extend core SCM, CX, HCM, and ERP processes with real-time IoT data and insights.
Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud service

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud service improves profitability through automated monitoring and alerting of assets. Gain real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, and predict future events. Monitor and track any assets, anywhere, anytime, indoor or outdoor, and achieve ROI in days. Predict assets and equipment failures before they happen, and minimize the unplanned downtime. Optimize the enterprise supply chain and improve customer experience with intelligent IoT insight.

Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud service

Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud service delivers products on-time with IoT production monitoring’s continuous tracking and prediction of production performance across factories, products, and machines. Prescriptive analytics improve machine and factory uptime with machine learning models.

Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud service

Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud service drive fleet efficiency with real-time monitoring of vehicles, drivers, and trips. Gain real-time visibility into vehicle location, cost of operation, vehicle usage, and driving behavior. Improve customer experience with better ETA predictions and its impact on the supply chain. IoT Connected Worker Cloud service ensure worker health and safety, achieve better regulatory compliance, and gain real-time visibility into worker health, location, and work environment. Improved regulatory adherence through accident prevention using wearable and proximity sensors.

OneGlobe offers Oracle IoT Cloud Service integration and digital transformation that can bring these applications, technologies and data together to deliver a complete and effective solution.