In today’s dynamic business environment, better financial agility and accuracy assists business decision makers to align their organizations rapidly. OneGlobe’s Oracle EPM solutions help organizations standardize and automate their financial processes resulting in financial data integrity.
The result is greater visibility into your business and more accurate information for making business decisions. Our Hyperion offerings

Improve Your Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Process

OneGlobe provides implementation services for Oracle’s Hyperion suite of products. We implement the full suite of Hyperion either in the cloud or on-premise, for those that require it. Our key focus while implementing Hyperion is to improve your Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (FBP) process. From a recent survey conducted by the Hackett Group, the effectiveness of the FBP process is one of the key concerns of many CFOs. This is not surprising given the low growth and volatile business environment we are in. This type of business environment puts increased pressure on the FBP process to become faster and more accurate. Achieving this without increasing people resource or even worse, reducing them makes the challenge even harder. We understand the challenge and work with our clients to achieve the goal of a faster, more accurate FBP process using Oracle Hyperion.

How to Improve the FBP Process

We have included two downloadable white papers that address how to improve the FBP process. The first white paper addresses the complexity inherent within the process. By its nature, the FBP process is not just a finance task alone. It requires input, time and resources from the whole organization. Streamlining the financial part of the process, we believe, only address part of the problem. Understanding how the other parts of the organization impact the FBP process and how their tasks can be improved helps improve the whole FBP process.

Click to download the White Paper – Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

The second white paper addresses the process of implementing a tool like Hyperion. Too many vendors focus on the tool, but not enough on what needs to be achieved and how. Many times the task is relegated to the IT department to oversee the project. This we believe is the wrong approach. The second white paper outlines the implementation from a finance viewpoint. If finance doesn’t understand the process, how can they ensure they are getting the results they expect? A large piece of this is a measurement of objectives before and after the implementation. Therefore there is a strong role that finance has to play before, during and after the implementation process.

Click to download the White Paper – Business Guide to Implement Hyperion

How We Can Help

Why should you consider OneGlobe to help with your implementation of Oracle Hyperion to improve your FBP process? We have a track record of helping companies with complex planning needs meet these challenges using Hyperion. And we do this in a cost effective manner. Specifically, our practice has:

  • Practitioners with years of finance experience in complex industries. We understand the financial process and what needs to be achieved. You spend less time teaching the consultants about finance and planning, allowing you to spend more time focusing on what needs to be achieved.
  • Methodology that focuses your resources on key tasks and moving the implementation along at a faster pace. Many implementations take a year or more to implement. This in many cases is due to the lack of a well thought out methodology. Our methodology not only addresses the technical task of implementing the software but is one that is focused on optimizing your FBP processes.
  • Blended implementation approach. We are a global company with resources spread across US, India and the Middle East. This capability allows us to accomplish tasks where it makes the most economic sense to perform these task. This helps decrease implementation time while also controlling cost.
  • Knowledge of other Oracle Products and their underlying data structures. We are an Oracle centric firm practicing across other related Oracle Products. Understanding how to integrate Hyperion with these other Oracle products, probably the most important one being Oracles ERP suite, helps decrease implementation times.