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Migration to the Google Cloud Platform

Migrating workloads to the Google Cloud will include reengineering to take advantage of the platform’s data storage solutions such as Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable. This results in your application being highly resilient and capable of scaling to meet increased demand.

The Google Cloud Platform offers a wide variety of cloud based solutions capable of running enterprise workloads. The Big Data and Analytics solutions are best of breed and extremely cost effective. OneGlobe can help you implement analytics solutions using the Google Cloud Platform, either from scratch or reengineer your existing solution to take advantage of the related technologies such as BigQuery and Machine Learning.


    • Standardized and tested migration methodology
    • Migrations performed by skilled Application and Technical Consultants
    • Full functional verification and performance testing on the cloud platform
    • Support for your migration to Google Cloud from other Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid or multitenant deployments


    • Reduced Risk of Data Loss by using reliable/repeatable processes
    • Flexible migration options
    • Elasticity and scalability to meet your growing demands and cost optimization needs

As a part of the strategic partnership with Google, OneGlobe is an approved Reseller of Google Cloud Support Services. This agreement  allows us to provide managed services to run and support our customer workloads in the Google cloud. This enables our customers to shift their resources from managing datacenter operations, maintenance and migrations to focusing on areas of strategic innovation.


    • Deliver on SLAs, backed by outcome based contracts with monitoring and alerting, helpdesk, Level 1 and Level 2 Support
    • Certified Support specialists with experience in managing multiple ERP environments
    • Google Validated - Endorsed by Google as one of the few approved global support services provider


    • Discounted Rates - Customers are able to get the best rates from Google Support Services through our approved and negotiated discounts
    • Single Point of Contact - OneGlobe will be responsible for upkeep of the Services on the Google Cloud. OneGlobe will work closely with Google Tech Support to ensure there are minimal downtimes
    • Flexible and scalable packaged options for Support Services

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services.

Application and Data Security - To meet your internal and external compliance and regulatory requirements.

Increased Data Protection - Protects your application and infrastructure with additional security frameworks.

Easy to Deploy - Easy to deploy and maintain without expensive equipment and complex configuration.

Increased Visibility - Provides real-time visibility of latest threats.

Multi-Layered Defense System - Provides protected cloud hosting by implementing security on network layer, host layer and data link layer.

As a managed service provider, the support services we provide enables us to recommend refinements to your workflows and processes to be more efficient. In this context, we are like an extension of your technology team, rather than an external vendor. This includes:

  • Taking advantage of the cloud platform’s developments to reengineer parts of your technology stack/landscape.
  • Consolidate services to reduce the underlying infrastructure, resulting in reduced administrative overhead and cost.

This will ensure you are at the cutting edge of the Google Cloud Platform, taking advantage of the latest offerings.


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