Essbase Cloud Service

Oracle Essbase Cloud Service (ESSCS), as a part of Oracle Analytics Cloud is a subscription based service for building multi-dimensional cubes from scratch in seconds with no prior experience or leverage templates as a starting point for your custom cube. Essbase Cloud can also be extended to business intelligence solutions by accessing your data from corporate dashboard and reporting tools.

Major benefits of moving to the Essbase Cloud Service (ESSCS) include:

  • Reduction of clutter for on-site Essbase database (cube) silos with migration or off-loading to a versatile and robust cloud infrastructure.
  • More control over BICS, PBCS, EPCRS and other cloud based reporting solutions.
  • Faster, if not near unlimited, scale and computing power for large and complex Essbase models.

Migrating on-premises cubes to Essbase Cloud is also possible with an export utility that generates a populated Excel cube definition template that you can then import into Essbase Cloud as a cube. It also has a utility to export on premise calculation scripts to be used with Essbase Cloud.

OneGlobe offers comprehensive Oracle Essbase Cloud Service solution implementation that meets the highest standard multi-dimensional analytics solution by our experts. We have vast experience in multi-dimensional modeling perceptions which leverage standard and complex tailored solutions.