Data Warehouse Modernization

With rapid technological advancements, evolution is essential in almost every facet of the digital transformation of organizations. In real life applications, especially when it comes to business, finance, healthcare and other industries, there is a persistent need for decision makers to align their business goals to stay ahead of competitors by ensuring that enterprises have timely access to the data and analytics they need to compete.

Enterprise Data Warehouse, the heart of the data-driven decision support systems, also continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Data warehouse modernization will enable the EDW environment to meet quickly changing business requirements and technology challenges, and rapidly iterate new solutions to support future data analytics workloads at any scale.

For enterprises seeking undisputed data warehouse modernization solutions, OneGlobe provides streamlined data warehousing solutions across various platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, etc. OneGlobe leverages best practices and proven design patterns to help enterprises achieve data warehouse modernization by automating processes from end to end. With OneGlobe, enterprises can accelerate and simplify data warehouse design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

OneGlobe enables enterprises to:

  • Eliminate data silos

  • Deliver faster analytics

  • Integrate with existing BI and ETL Tools

  • Replace traditional ETL approach with a modern self-service driven approach

  • Manage huge volumes of data at petabyte scale

  • Reduce time, costs and risk by automating from end to end processes

Our Data Warehouse Modernization Services:

Fully Managed Data Warehouse Environment

  • Modernizing your Data Warehouse Environment supports rapid growth and running quick analytics from multiple data sources.

  • Data Warehouse Modernization empowers decision makers to ask questions against data in real-time with the flexibility of any Business Intelligence tools.

On-Premise and Cloud Big Data Warehousing Solutions

  • Enabling you to make faster decisions and experience unparalleled performance and scalability by reducing Data Warehousing Complexity

  • Reducing data movement and preparation while gaining speed, scale, and agility by quickly streamlining processes on-premises or in the cloud

Data Warehouse Workload Migration

  • Migrating Data Warehouse Workloads from On-Prem to On-Prem or to Cloud

  • Reducing the risk, time and cost of migration with automated scripts

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