OneGlobe’s Cloud Advisory Services

Many companies are trying to determine their strategy for cloud adoption. We help them determine the how, when and where of moving their applications and infrastructure components to the cloud. It involves the following broad steps:

Portfolio Assessment:

We catalogue various components of the technology stack in use, re-engineer components with cloud platform (PaaS) offerings, so as to take advantage of the cloud migration, resulting in reduced administrative and maintenance efforts post-migration. We also assess custom components and integration to third party systems.

Cloud State:

We determine which cloud provider/providers are best suited to support the assessed catalog of applications and the infrastructure components to be migrated. We analyze the cost associated with each provider as well as the technical and support trade-offs.

Road Map:

We develop a tactical plan to migrate various components including tactical programs, technical advantages, time frames and cost implications into the cloud.

Our Cloud Partnerships

We have partnered with the following leading public cloud vendors, so that we can provide you with a cloud strategy that is unbiased, vendor-agnostic and tailored to your business.


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