Security plays a significant role in the cloud adoption and migration process for every enterprise. OneGlobe’s extensive history in helping enterprise customers adhere to the data security requirements can help you plan and deploy application, data at reset and data at transit security solutions.

Security requirements are an integral part of the design process, so as to not have it as an add-on. As part of the assessment before drafting the cloud migration plan, we will evaluate your existing security setups to ensure there is no deviation when you migrate to the cloud. When utilizing the Cloud Platform (PaaS) offerings, we will take into account the security requirements and the platform’s capabilities so that you meet or exceed your current security thresholds.

OneGlobe’s services:

  • Identity and Access management solutions help consolidate and streamline access to the cloud and the associated enterprise services. We help you to take this into account in your existing applications as well as in any new developments you undertake in the future.
  • Infrastructure Security solutions ensure access is restricted to only the subset of workforce authorized to have access to the underlying infrastructure. 
    • Not all of your cloud resources should be visible and/or accessible to the entire world. For instance, the database powering your applications/services should only be accessible by your application tier. We will assess the technology stack in use and determine a fine grained access policy to ensure each of your cloud resources allows minimal access that is needed for the solution(s) to be functional.
    • CASB based solutions can be put in place to enforce security policies as well as monitor for changes and alert on deviations.
  • Data Security services provide preventive solutions to safe guard data, where it is stored and while in transit.
    • Securing Data at rest is mandatory for many customers and industries, due to regulatory and corporate compliance requirements. Based on the technology that is used in the cloud, we will engineer a solution that meets the compliance requirements in securing the data that is stored in the cloud.
    • Audit trails help keep track of changes to policies that impact the cloud data’s visibility and access.
    • Life cycle management policies will be put in place to ensure data is retained for the duration mandated by compliance requirements and destroyed when no longer necessary.


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