Data and analytics have become a competitive differentiator and a primary source of value generation for organizations. If you ever had to chase down data for a report, you would know it requires multiple steps, perhaps multiple trips to IT, and possibly multiple software programs to come to a single source of the truth.

Historically, your path between all your relevant data and the valuable insights you are looking for has been full of obstacles.  Your efforts are often hampered by outdated or complex data, blending disparate data sets, business modeling, aggregating the information, and publishing among your peers or even customers.

Cloud-based platforms overcome these obstacles by fueling innovation with a proactive and actionable analytics platform, embedded Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics that connect to all forms of data and allow for improved exploration and data discovery.

Successful data analytics does not have to be so complicated. All you really need is a single, cloud-based platform. OneGlobe can recommend and help in kick-starting your analytical journey with the below providers.

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