Business Process Automation using Oracle Process Cloud Service

Why do we need Process Cloud Service?

Oracle Process Cloud Service lets you automate business processes in the cloud. A business flow can be created through PCS which goes through multiple/single approval process and can also send email notifications for single/multiple users through mail to approve or reject the process flows through online. Turn your company’s specific processes into process applications by creating process models that includes requests, approvals, decision paths and roles for each task. Process cloud mainly used for Healthcare to improve patient care. Endless forms with personal details, medical history, medical tests, diagnoses and treatments. Not only it is difficult to collect patient form data, save and manage these databases, but it’s also difficult to quickly access them. PCS enables you to configure and customize emails sent as notifications to human workflow task assignee's (the default email notification is too basic, containing only a link to the Workspace app). You can create your own email templates that can include payload information, task information, links and comments.

Integrating Oracle Process Cloud service with Oracle Integration Cloud Service:

Integrating Oracle Process Cloud Service with Oracle Integration Cloud Service which uses REST service to fetch the data from on-premise applications or cloud applications. Process applications can communicate and exchange data with local and remote applications that are exposed as either SOAP or REST. The ICS Integration is available for use from any service task. Using the known Data Association feature, you can map a data object to either hold the information that you want to send to the ICS or hold the information sent back by the ICS.

Integrating Oracle Process Cloud Service with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service:

Integrating Oracle Process Cloud Service with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service helps us to organize files into folders, manage access to each folder, and even start a process when you upload a document. This will be helpful for processing home loan, where you need to manage documents such as loan applications, employment histories, and house appraisals, making sure that the right users see the documents they need to submit, review, or approve, but they don’t get access to restricted information. After both oracle services have been configured for integration, Oracle PCS users can take actions/approvals on the files directly in Oracle PCS. Oracle Content and Experience Cloud users can upload files into folders to initiate a workflow associated with the folder.

Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service:

Oracle PCS integrates, natively, with another Oracle PaaS service, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), to archive business analytics from PCS to BICS and project those analytics on BI charts and graphs.

To use this feature, you need to have configured integration between BICS and PCS, with the same user subscribed to both services. The analytics data is saved in Oracle BICS tables and named based on a corresponding Data Object in Oracle PCS. Once an archive is complete, you can log into BICS and create your business reports and dashboards.


Use Case 1: Housing Solution Management

  • Business has decided to provide a housing solution to benefit the employees.
  • HR Specialist will enter the employee details and the system will automatically pick the employee entitlement from On-Premises Oracle HRMS systems Using ICS / Rest services which goes for approval to multiple PCS roles through few validations with the related documents as attachment that can be achieved through integrating PCS with Content and Experience and finally reach Finance department with the related documents and they will manually release cheque and close the transaction. The system will integrate with Oracle on-premise HRMS to retrieve the employee details at the beginning of the process.
  • Solution:

Initially it was a difficult task to maintain housing solution for employees manually and also it takes 2 to 3 days to complete the approval process where we can run our application only on a certain platform and also uploading the documents is a tedious task. Through PCS, we can automate the housing solution process where we no need to wait for the approver to approve/reject the process. All the approval processes are carried out easily and effectively through mobile cloud service using internet .we can integrate with content and experience cloud service where we can upload the documents at anytime.


Use Case 2: Documents Approval Automation

Hyundai wants to share the documents to the different stakeholders/users with approval flow. they will upload the files manually in a particular folder. With PCS and Content cloud service, PCS enables 2-Stage approval process,the approved documents will be moved to another public folder. A UI will be created to view the approved documents.


OneGlobe will provide the automation solution to share the documents with different stack holders/users. In this scenario, we will be integrating Oracle Process cloud service with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service to upload the documents in a particular folder. The two stage approval process has been handled through process cloud service where the approvers can approve/reject the document. The Approvers can approve /reject application not only in pcs dashboards but also through mail.we can use the application both online and offline. Create a public folder in oracle content ad experience cloud and click the folder properties then on the initiate process on document arrival button and select your process (PCS) from the list. New sites has been created for the public folder in oracle content and experience cloud service.









Lalitha Selvaraj

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