Sowmiya Ranganathan

Sowmiya Ranganathan
Sowmiya is a Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer and is passionate about data-science. Sowmiya always seek opportunities to learn and gain expertise as a data professional. She also has keen interest in deciphering data and building an interesting and compelling story that anyone in her audience can clearly understand. She believes in democratization and adoption of analytics and has led initiatives to this effect. Her intellectual curiosity also drives her to be a lifelong learner. With her refined skill sets, she brings customer-centric mindfulness that enables firms to innovate and thrive.

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Loading Data Using Talend as an ETL

 Aug 20, 2019      Sowmiya Ranganathan      2 Comments

What is ETL?
In 1970’s, due to the limitations with respect to the capacity of the resources, mainly Memory (RAM), CPU and Storage, it became difficult to store the data and generate transactional reports on the same system. To overcome this obstacle, ETL was introduced.

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