Sai Ravi Teja

Sai Ravi Teja
Ravi is an expert in handling projects pertaining to Cloud adoption, migration, security and Database consulting at OneGlobe. His immense wealth of knowledge in cloud technologies and Database management, and his vast experience in working with various cloud platforms enable him to manage challenging projects with ease. Quick thinking and a passion for solving problems helps him in his day to day work and in delivering great results.

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Embrace Serverless ETL with AWS Glue : Oracle DB to AWS Redshift

 Jul 23, 2019      Sai Ravi Teja      0 Comments

Serverless computing is most suitable for applications in which a business, or a person who owns the system, does not have to purchase, rent or provision servers or virtual machines for the back-end code to run on. It is highly cost-effective, as you do not have to invest in dedicated hardware, infrastructure and support.

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