Demystifying your data using Machine Learning in SQL

 Nov 11, 2019      Venkatesh Prabhu Ganesan      0 Comments

Machine Learning is literally changing the way businesses used to run, now-a-days It has become a standard to incorporate Machine Learning in organizations

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Cybernation of AWS Multi Account Management

 Nov 5, 2019      Sugapriya Sundararajan      0 Comments

Many of the AWS customers create separate AWS accounts for each business units to meet the different needs of their organization. Even though creating multiple accounts provides benefits like

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Federating users using AWS Microsoft AD and on-premise credentials

 Oct 24, 2019      Sindhouja M      0 Comments

Federation in AWS

Federation helps to access AWS centrally. Federation helps the credentials from our corporate directory to access AWS accounts using a single sign-on (SSO) mechanism.

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Enterprise Integration – An overview of different integration approaches

 Oct 22, 2019      Vijay Amirtharaj      0 Comments

As enterprises are evolving at a very rapid pace the usage of different heterogeneous applications is proliferating and hence an integration between these systems becomes a vital part of the operations.

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What is so exciting about Oracle Data Visualization Desktop?

 Oct 15, 2019      Bhuvaneswari Duraisamy      0 Comments

About Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop,Oracle DV or DVD for short , is a powerful tool for personal data exploration and visualization in a simple per-user desktop download.You can quickly and easily visualize the data from multiple data sources by

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Chatbots: A new era that can transform Human – Machine Interaction

 Oct 1, 2019      Vijay Amirtharaj      0 Comments

With the advent of AI and deep learning, it is evident that the so called “science fiction” concepts are transforming into a reality. Ranging from computer vision to exoplanet detection, AI has now become a de-facto standard in every business. Among the other applications of AI, the history of Human – Machine interaction has been evolving at a faster pace. From just typing commands to instruct through voice, it has

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