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Oracle Big Data Discovery, the visual face of Hadoop, is the game-changing platform that eliminates confusion by creating a clear and quick path to value. Using visual analytic capabilities, Oracle Big Data Discovery works natively with Hadoop to transform raw data rapidly into business insight through a five- phase process: find, explore, transform, discover and share.


  • Oracle Big Data Discovery not only unlocks the analytic power of big data, it also preserves existing infrastructure investments and plays well in the corporate technology ecosystem.
  • It blends with other tools that access Hadoop, such as advanced statistical tools (Oracle R for Hadoop), business intelligence tools (Oracle Business Intelligence) or any other product designed to work with data in Hadoop (Pig, Hive or Oracle Big Data SQL).
  • Consequently, Oracle Big Data Discovery removes technical barriers, leveraging the power of Hadoop for maximum scale and performance while at the same time integrating with the wider big data ecosystem.


  • Defining business cases to demonstrate business value
  • Comprehensive technology evaluation of big data platforms and selection of tools
  • Execute technology proof of concept and build pilots to demonstrate technology capability, business value and potential of big data
  • Develop reporting and analytics frameworks for big data use cases
  • Implementing BI and advanced data visualization for big data Predictive modeling and advanced analytics

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service (BDP) is a comprehensive and secure solution that lets you automate and streamline data ingestion and enrichment in the cloud. It simplifies and shortens the process of data importing, cleansing, semantic indexing, blending, and publishing while avoiding time-consuming manual intervention. The service interface provides an intuitive way for you to prepare unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data publishing in the cloud and for downstream processing.and share.

OneGlobe provides a complete capability of implementation services to transform the way you prepare data for analytics using Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service with experts who understand core business processes across enterprise functions.

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service is a managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud-based offering that helps you make critical business decisions and strategies by allowing you to connect your devices to the cloud, analyze data from those devices in real time, and integrate your data with enterprise applications, web services, or with other Oracle Cloud Services, such as Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

OneGlobe helps customers understand the opportunities and benefits that are possible by unleashing the power of connected enterprise products and solutions. We bring together the right blend of industry knowledge, strategy, design expertise and technology capabilities to untangle the complexities of IoT paving the way for successful IoT implementations.

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