ATM Analytics from OneGlobe

An ATM network is a rich data environment. Every transaction that travels across the ATM network contains information on:

  1. What the customer is experiencing
  2. How networks and applications are affecting transaction performance
  3. What the business value of the transaction is, from a revenue or service perspective.

 ATM channel managers and operations support teams know that transaction data is key to improving customer experience, speeding up problem isolation and analyzing channel profitability based on card types and value added services. But the cost of retrieving and analyzing this data should not exceed the benefits.

OneGlobe’s ATM Analytics solution provides you with the ability to understand metrics from ATM assets and its locations to make informed decisions. Advanced Analytics capabilities enable you to analyze ATM usages in a self-service model. It provides business users with multi-channel access to the solution including AI embedded, Voice enabled, Mobile Analytics capabilities.

Business insights offered by the solutions

  • ATM profitability analysis to identify the right locations to setup new ATMs

  • Bank services that customers are likely to leverage in ATMs

  • ATM usage analysis by customers and off-customers

  • Approximate expenses to other banks due to interchange fees

  • Potential savings from customers who use other bank ATMs

  • Expected profitability and withdrawal trends at a new ATM location, using predictive analysis

  • Benchmark analysis based on transaction volume, transaction amount and income

  • ATM status and downtime trends