Organizations spend vast amounts of time and money implementing and managing ERP systems, and yet face challenges with respect to data management and analytics in every facet of business.

Our ERP Analytics is similar to the standard data management and analytics capabilities that help you to optimize and boost the value you can extract from your ERP. But in addition to this, our deep ERP knowledge, combined with our analytics capabilities, reduces the associated risks, complexity and costs of implementing and managing your own ERP.

OneGlobe provides a unique pre-built ERP analytics solution, specifically built for Oracle E-business Suite, to deliver dynamic reports and advanced visualizations. It comes with the flexibility to leverage Oracle Analytics Suite to unlock valuable data stored within ERP systems. By analyzing the data, you can increase your revenue, reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and support strategic decision-making to solve your most complex and interesting business challenges.

OneGlobe ERP Analytics solution enables enterprises to:

  • Achieve faster and better business results

  • Gain actionable insights when you need it

  • Make use of pre-built data models and dashboards

  • Reduce time, costs and risks, by automating end to end processes

  • Conduct integrated cross-business object analytics

  • Leverage Machine Learning

Our Offerings

We are seasoned engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, and business leaders who support and deliver enterprise-class solutions to businesses. We deploy Industry-transforming, enterprise-level Hyperledger teams to “Rock” your business. Block by block, we identify and address critical early-stage gaps, and together, we deliver on the promise of Blockchainenabled business productivity. Our advisory services comprise of building your future Blockchain roadmap, identifying high value opportunities for Blockchain in your enterprise, business case development, and product fit analysis.

We are seasoned professionals in financial services technology who understand and ideate enterprise solution engineering. You can implement with our team or we can train yours. Fintech and all business Blockchain frameworks hosted by Hyperledger are our first language. But we flow between permissioned and public networks with agile best practices. We will train your enterprise to Blockchain success.

OneGlobe Financial Analytics provides organizations with better visibility and insights into the factors that drive revenues, costs and shareholder value.

It enables you to gain a better insight into the general ledger, allows other functional units to understand product or customer profitability, provides visibility into performance against budget, and highlights how staffing costs and employee or supplier performance correlate with increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


  • Gain integrated and actionable financial insights

  • Monitor the financial health of your business

  • Improve cash flow by understanding aging trends

  • Make timely, fact-based decisions with dashboard analytics

  • Drive better business results

OneGlobe Procurement and Spend Analytics helps organizations to optimize their supply side performance. It integrates data from across the enterprise value chain, thereby enabling executives, managers, and frontline employees to make more informed and actionable decisions.


  • Increased visibility into corporate spend as well as the complete procure-to-pay process

  • Comprehensive analyses of procurement performance, supplier performance, supplier payable trends and employee expenses

  • End-to-end insight into the spend patterns

  • Visibility across the procurement processes

  • Reduced costs and enhanced profitability

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and competitive advantage

OneGlobe Human Resource Analytics provides the workforce information and analysis of workforce staffing and productivity to your human resources (HR) professionals and front-line managers, in order to better design compensations that reward performance.

Our Blockchain development services include:

  • Quickly understand workforce factors affecting the business

  • Correlate financial measures with key workforce metrics to demonstrate HR’s strategic value

  • Quickly analyze employee compensation with performance

  • Integrate workforce with operational measures to understand the causal effect of workforce investment

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